Welcome to Crimea State Medical University

Dear Student, Joining the Crimea State Medical University of Ukraine may be just the thing to help you fulfill your career dreams. The Crimea Medical University has welcomed international students from around the world for more than 35 years. These students enrich the life and culture of our university and strengthen the relations between our countries. The strongly internationally oriented programs provides a rigorous training in all aspects of medical education. Ukraine has been place for education, for more than 70 years. Ukrainian Universities have produced thousand of doctors and other graduates around the world.

Crimea State Medical University is a research-led university and this is extremely important to our students and the quality of teaching they receive. We have links with many of the finest international universities, so we can always measure our performance against the best in the world. Crimea Medical University has a unique place for producing hundreds of doctors and graduates around the globe. Hence it has won many international awards for its achievements and contributions to the nation. The students who are coming every year from all over the continents are having wonderful time. The students who finish their degrees, and return home, always carry nostalgic memories of our University and Ukraine. So, We welcome you too, to our modernized University which will be running its courses, in the English and Russian medium, and fulfill your dreams of becoming doctor. Advanced knowledge through teaching, learning and research.