General information about Vinnitsa National Medical University Ukraine

Milestones of the development

1921 – pharmaceutical institute was opened (functioned till 1936)

1930 – Vinnitsa branch of All-Ukrainian Institute of extra-mural medical education was opened

1932 – branch of All-Ukrainian Institute of extra-mural medical education was reorganized in the Evening industrial medical institute

1934 – Vinnitsa medical institute was found on the basis of Evening industrial medical institute

1960 – the institute  was named after N.I. Pirogov

1961 – pediatric faculty was opened  (functioned till 1995)

1978 – the institute carried out the enrolment of foreign citizens for training at the main faculties

1979 – preparatory department for foreign citizens was opened

1984 – for success in training  doctors and teaching staff, rendering assistance to practical public health services the institute was awarded by order “ Badge of Honour “

1990 – scientific- research centre was organized

1991 – first among higher educational establishments of Ukraine  the centre of New Information Technologies was created

1991 – pre-institute training of the schoolchildren in medical lyceum classes was introduced

1992 – faculty of Medicine was opened, specializations: general  medicine and pediatrics

1994 – the institute was accredited on the IV (highest) level, the status of University was changed (Decree of the Cabinet of  Ministers of Ukraine ¹ 408, dated 15.06.94)

1994 – faculty of Dentistry was opened

1996 – by results of rating inquiry of Interregional Personnel Academy the university was considered the best among medical higher schools of Ukraine on quality of training doctors

1997, 2000 – for the high rating the university was awarded with the special diploma by the independent experts of International Personnel Academy

2000 – faculty of Pharmacy was opened

2000 – the University put into operation the main part of new educational building

2002 – by the President of Ukraine decree of June, 19 2002, ¹ 560/2002 our University was awarded the highest mark of distinction – National status and now is called Ukraine National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsa