Lugansk is one of the largest cities of Ukraine, an important scientific and cultural center. Lugansk State Medical University [LSMU] is a modern institution of higher education with rich traditions.

Lugansk state medical University is one of the oldest and leading medical higher institutions of Ukraine and former USSR. Lugansk medical university was founded in the year of 1956. High level of qualification allows graduates of the University to work successfully in many countries of the world, to achieve great success in science and practical public health services. Among them are scientists, heads of public health service, honored doctors.

to our students who are looking for quality education at an affordable course fees. Lugansk State Medical University has a good team of long term experienced lecturers in providing quality education to the students.

Lugansk Medical University is a higher educational instution of the top accreditation level (conferred by the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine). At the Lugansk state medical University there are six faculties and a preparatory department. The Lugansk medical University trains specialists along the following education / qualification levels: Junior specialists, specialists, Masters for the following specialties:

  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Stomatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Postgraduation

Lugansk State Medical University is attested according to the highest (the fourth) Level of accreditation. The University activities conform with The Constitution of Ukraine, Ukrainian legislation, acts issued by the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Decrees of the Health Department and Education Department of Ukraine, the University Rules.

Lugansk medical University prepares specialists in 172 medical specialities. Good facilities, high qualification level of the teaching staff, scientific and methodical provision led Lugansk State Medical University to one of the leading places in the country.

400 teachers, among them 63 doctors of sciences, 273 candidates of sciences, including five Honored Science and Technique Workers of Ukraine, one Honored Worker of public education of Ukraine, two Honored doctors of Ukraine, two Laureates of State prize of Ukraine carry out pedagogical, scientific, medical and educational work at 48 departments.

Lugansk medical University has very good facilities. There are five building for theoretical classes and a wide net of clinical bases of medical institutions of Lugansk, which are equipped at the level corresponding to world standards. Today Lugansk State Medical University is a complex of buildings designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies, library, research work and auxiliary services, covering. The total area owned by the Lugansk state medical University is 70466 sq.m: within it the area of study and laboratory premises is 33598 sq. mts. The teaching area per one student is 15 sq.m. Other clinical bases used by the Lugansk state medical University are administered by the Government healthcare department.

Organization of the medical process and methods of teaching at Lugansk Medical University are built according to modern demands and world experience. The Lugansk medical University has introduced the conception of continuous medical education that in all parameters corresponds to all world standards, giving an opportunity to get qualification of different professional levels from Bachelor to Doctor of medicine.

The Lugansk medical University activities cover a wide range of subjects, all aimed at shaping a global University policy. Thus, educational policy, quality assurance, University management, legislation and international contacts all fall within the scope of the University's competence. Lugansk State Medical University constantly keeps in touch with its graduates: Many of them have become highly qualified doctors, known scientists, health service managers and political figures in their mother countries.

The Lugansk state medical University's long experience in training of foreign specialists, highly qualified teaching staff and modern facilities - all guarantee high level of theoretical and practical training to the students of the University.

Main levels of education are Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. Training at Lugansk medical University is carried out in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.