Preparatory Course. Language Study

1. Foreigners not speaking Ukrainian are enrolled in preparatory course at the University for one year, which includes an intense language program, as well as some basic training in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Graduate students of this course can be enrolled in the first year classes in Lviv National Medical University or any other School of Medicine in Ukraine.

2. At the end of the preparatory year there are final examinations. Those who pass them successfully get certificates of a certain form giving the right to study at Lviv National Medical University or other educational establishments depending on the speciality they want to get.

3. Preparatory course for foreigners is licensed by Ukrainian Ministry of Health Care and gives the right to enter the following faculties: medical faculty; dentistry or pharmacy;

4. Foreigners who didn't pass the examinations as well as those who didn't show sufficient knowledge return to their native country at their own expense.

Beginning of study - 1 October.

Lviv National Medical University can provide hostel accomodation for students.
Depending on living conditions it covers 360$ per year for one person.

Studying Conditions

All the educational programs are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine. The diplomas and certificates issued to graduated foreign students by the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University are legalized by the Ministry of International Affairs of Ukraine.

Training of foreign students is conducted in accordance with plans and syllabuses valid at the Lviv National Medical University. On graduating from the Medical University, foreign students receive diplomas of international pattern that certify their acquired education of a definite qualification degree in accordance with the educational system structure existing in Ukraine.