Visa Support

1. Foreign citizens willing to study at the Lviv National Medical University apply to International Affairs Office for official “Invitation to Study”.

2. In order to get “Invitation to Study” candidate have to present all the documents (mentioned in the Admission documents required),

3. (Admission documents for Postgraduate Training).

4. Candidate have to send copies of those documents to Fax: 380 (322) 767818.

5. After documents’ examination, in case of positive decision – official “Invitation to study” is issued and sent to the Candidate.

In some cases University can propose to the candidate payment in advance, before sending the Invitation.

6. As a rule this document is sent by Federal Express rapid delivery mail. For this purpose it is necessary to have exact mailing address, phone/fax number of the candidate. Due to courier service “Invitation” receives the candidate in 3-5 days. After coming to Ukraine the expenses for delivery are to be reimbursed to the University.

7. Simultaneously, International Affairs Office prepare and send to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs information about applicant for legal reasons of issuing the “Student Visa” and legal crossing the border by the applicant.

8. Having got the “Invitation to Study” foreign candidate have to apply to the Ukrainian Embassy for obtaining “Student Visa”.

9. To apply for “Student Visa” one must have the Original “Invitation to Study” and Originals of Documents, mentioned above

10. Before arriving in Ukraine applicant have to inform the International Affairs Office about exact date, time and way of coming (plane, train, etc.), because he must be met by the Official University Representative and it is necessary to prepare for such meeting special letters for Immigration Office.

11. After arrival in Ukraine, passing the Entrance Interview, signing the “Contract for Study” and paying Tuition and Hostel Fees student will get the Registration in Police Department.

12. First year students have to pay Tuition and Hostel Fees for the whole year in full.

13. Beginning from the second year student can pay Fees for semesters.